Free Tools / Store

Below are links to a number of helpful resources and tools that I use in my practice. The resources on this page are all available FREE to you through my site.

If you enjoy these products, or if you have constructive criticism on them, send me a CLIP to help me improve my services to others.

Breathing Strategies – Click this link to access basic instruction on various breathing strategies that are useful in relaxation.

Links – This page has links to many of the organizations, people and other resources named throughout my website, as well as links to other helpful resources on the web.

Relaxation CD – Click here to learn about our relaxation CD’s.

10-Minute Breath Focus – Click here to access a Free 10-minute exercise focusing on breath as a form of relaxation. If you choose to download the mp3 file, it is about 4mb. It can be played with your preferred media player simply by clicking on the link.

Healing Gadgets – Click this link to view Gary Ames’ review on biofeedback instruments that can help with psychophysiological regulation.

CLIP — Your clips, or personal responses to my products, allow me to constantly improve my service to others. If you have been affected in a strong and positive way by something you read, saw or heard, please help me improve by sharing your thoughts with me?

Store — If the free products were useful to you, or if you are interested in the other products mentioned throughout my website, click this link to view the other resources I have developed and have for sale through my practice. The Store link requires you to establish an account within this system. Although the store allows for secure merchant transactions, allowing you to make credit card purchases if you so choose, no clinical, confidential information will be requested, and you are encouraged not to include information of a clinical/confidential nature here.

I understand many people are hesitant to establish accounts at websites. If you would like a brief inventory of items in my store e-mailed to you, Click Here.