Stress Management

Leadership Training

Motivation, Communication, Conflict Management, Management Skills, Managing Attitudes and the Emotional Environment, Developing Leadership in Others

Teams & Team Training

Managing Change, Team Building and Coaching, Motivation and Goal Setting, Training Trainers, Conflict Management, Human Asset Management

Executive Coaching – General

Creating a Winning Mind Set, Wellness/Health, Life Balance, Balancing Career, Achieving Peak Performance, Managing Self in Change

Executive Coaching – Soft Set

Listening Skills, Listening Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Communication

Efficiency  Productivity  Resilience  Flexibility

In business, and in our developing economy, corporate entities and the teams which comprise them must exemplify these qualities in order to succeed.

Yet the human resource that comprises each corporation, team or business entity is subject to a vast array of influence, from the individual history every person brings to work, to the relationships that develop among staff, market fluctuations, the dynamics of the corporate system and how all of these factors interact with one another.

Dr. Villanueva uses healthy systems development when working with corporations, teams, business entities and other organizational structures. He provides a guiding structure for the multiple levels of systems that influence one another to affect the bottom line: the system within each individual (providing guidance on how to manage stress or other influences from personal or work life); the relational dynamics among coworkers (providing guidance on best communication practices, acknowledging the reality of conflict and providing guidance and to how to learn from it and improve productivity); the functioning of the system itself, helping to identify and instate best practices from a broader and comprehensively systemic perspective.

Through his work with other experiential providers of team development, his study of psychology and his own personal development of and within systems, Dr. Villanueva has identified many effective perspectives on what promotes healthiest functioning at multiple levels in many systems.

Dr. Villanueva offers didactic workshops (brief two-hour exposures to didactic training), consultation with system analysis from a human resource perspectives, and corporate development/teambuilding seminars in half-, one- and two-day increments. Please call or email Dr. Villanueva for a discussion about the impact of developing healthy systems within your corporation, team or business entity on your bottom line.