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Attendee CLIPS

“It was very good information to use in everyday life. Everyday situations. Information was not only for stressful situations.”
— Kathleen H.

“This is exactly what I needed at this time of my life. I’m eight weeks post-op and just returned to work today. I was very stressed out tonight and overwhelmed.”
— Pat G.

“Your presentation couldn’t have come in a better time. I brought my husband with me to the support group for the first time, and you spoke about something that hits home. STRESS! Thank you for pointing out the need to address problems and for giving ideas on dealing with them.”
— Kimberly H.

“I found Dr. Villanueva to be very knowledgeable on this topic and very enthusiastic in his presentation.”
— Jan C.

“Great ideas and tools for putting them to practical applications. Great delivery-enthusiastic, but not over the top. Thank you :-)”
–- Pat S.

“The self-care/stress management chart is going on my refrigerator door! What a great accumulation of wonderful/helpful ideas that will keep me out of the fridge! Thanks so much!”
— Martha G.

“You were very energetic and a positive speaker. The information you presented on dealing with the problems and distracting from them is very useful. I feel I will be able to cope and manage my stress a lot better.”
— Lisias D.

“Dr. Villanueva’s enthusiasm and attention to detail in the presentation was so inspirational as well as educational. I was captivated and entertained throughout the entire presentation. It rocked!”
— Roy M.

“Makes the complex appear simple and manageable.”
— Mike S.